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Get help to study correctly

According to your own design

The correct way of studying is crucial in achieving excellent grades. I can help you to find out which method of studying is suited for you and will go best with the unique design of your brain. Contact Dr Jolanda Dreyer for an online consultation via WhatsApp ON +27825731072

Dr Jolanda Dreyer Educational Specialist Consultation Study skills  assessment

Dr Jolanda Dreyer

 B.A. English and Psychology (Cum Laude)

H.E.D. (Higher Diploma in Education)

B.Ed. (Cum Laude)

M.Ed. Psych. 

D. Psych Ed. 




My son used Just Right Summaries Geography IGCSE and managed to do very well in his exams, improving from a C to an A*


I used the History summaries and it was a very good fit for my learning style. I managed to get distinctions all the way through. 


Excellent summaries that really helps me to understand my work and study effectively. Compared to other summaries I have had a much better learning experience due to the summaries received from Just Right Summaries.

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